Why Buy from SaxArrangements.com

Well thought-out parts

  • On every page--- Instrument name / page number / name of piece
    • If one page gets misplaced it's easy to find it or re-print the correct one
  • Cues at the end of long rests
    • Makes it easier to rehearse & count parts
  • Rehearsal numbers = bar numbers & correspond with phrases
    • Easier to rehearse and name sections
    • Rests make sense- no random splits in long rests
  •  Page turns
    • There are always rests at the end of each 1 or 2 pages to facilitate easy page turns
  • Part file names
    • Parts are each named as "Title of work - Instrument" to make distribution & organization easy

"Road-Tested" music

  • Every work sold here has been performed live by university groups and/or professional groups around the world. 
  • Curated list of great music

Digital Parts

  • Once the work is paid for, you'll receive an email with a link to download the zipped file containing all parts & score
  • Instant download of music = no waiting for music to ship in the mail & no shipping cost
  • Parts are separated individually & labeled by "Title of work - Instrument" to make distribution & organization easy